Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Design and Technology Year 4

Design and Technology was introduced last year prior to the introduction of SPN 21. Year 4 2010 consists of only 6 pupils' and all are cute, talkative but yet hard working pupils'. These photos are taken when they are doing their "spiderweb" project. This will continue until next week when they finally make their spiders out of paper plates and their spiders will then be stick on their spiderweb to complete the project.

Friday, 15 January 2010

Floods No More An Issue

Floods is no more an issue here in SR Layong besides from the school. The main junction going into the school has been some what "upgraded". The problem now for teachers and parents alike is maybe the road going into the school and because of the heavy rain that we've been experiencing nowadays, the bumpy road turns into a rather muddy road but even so we teachers and parents sending their children to school are grateful that floods towards the school is no more an issue.

School Season 2010 Has Begun

After a month of holiday during December 2009, teachers and pupils' alike are back to their usual routine....going back to school and learning new and exciting things from their teachers. These are some pictures after 3 weeks of school.

Monday, 22 June 2009

Composition From Year 4

Title: Hjh Fatimah's Lost Handbag
Done By: Nurul Aqilah Binti Norjepen

Yesterday, Hjh Fatimah lost her handbag. Hjh Fatimah is a teacher at Sekolah Rendah Tutong Kem. After teaching, she decided to go home. She looked for her keys inside her handbag. When she found her car keys, her fifty cent coin fell. She picked her coin up not noticing that her handbag had fell.

That afternoon, a boy was walking along the school car park. The boy's name is Ali. Ali was alking along when he found a handbag. He checked what was inside the handbag. He found some cards. The card belongs to Hjh Fatimah. Ali went to the police station to report the missing handbag. Ali said to the policeman, " Sir, i found a handbag that belongs to Hjh Fatimah at my school car park". The policeman said, "Thank you Ali".

The policeman called Hjh Fatimah immidiately. The policeman said, "Hello, is this Hjh Fatimah?".Hjh Fatimah replied, "Yes, this is Hjh Fatimah, may i know who am i talking to?. The policeman continued by saying, "I am calling from the police station and would like you to know that a boy found your handbag at the school car park". Hjh Fatimah went to the police station immidiately.

The policeman gave Hjh Fatimah her handbag back. She thanked the policeman and also Ali for his honesty.

Wednesday, 17 June 2009

That Was One Fine Day

Before the start of the school holiday, it's like a routine for schools to conduct activities such as sports day, cleaning campaigns, so on and so forth. Our school also follow this routine and the activity was abit out of the ordinary, it's called Amazing Race ASEAN Corner version, fun, educational and beneficial for pupils'.

PTA Meeting

Last Friday, our school conducted a meeting, the first meeting between teachers and parents for this year. The gathering was to discuss about the latest happenings in school and problems that we faced as well as the introduction of SPN 21 for parents.